Touch for Health reference chart, 28x39, International Institute of Reflexology Foot chart, 33x31, Neurolink rapid reference, Stretching 1-16, Stretching 2, 17-32, 36x24, The perfect abdominal workout, 36x18
Can see on urine, Joanna Frantz or spinal dspinaressionmachines.net
The Scooter is damaged but 90 % of the parts are useable. Battery Not included
You know the old saying about too good to be true, But do you know what Medical Doctors are saying about this? Do you have too much stress, too little sleep. getting up too much at night or anything else that you just cannot deal with? Contact me and find out what Doctors are saying about what they have seen!!! All natural and Organic with a 30 day money back guarantee. You have nothing to loo...
Used for one week. Works very well. Paid $150.00
Used for one week. Works very well. Paid $150.00
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